Kseniya Kalashnikova presents


I’m a Data & Business Analyst in Business Intelligence (BI).

I host the tech edutainment podcast “Llamazing Data” to promote data-awareness and make this complex subject simpler.

Recently I expanded my area of interest to telecom field as a 5G Software Designer – stay tuned for new projects and formats 🙂


I am an experienced speaker leading various types of presentations, from client demos to conferences and meetups, on multiple languages, both on- and offline.

I love teaching IT professionals and everyone interested in becoming one through articles and webinars about data and BI BA specifics, as well as networking and telecommunications.


Apart from professional activities, I paint with watercolours and oils, draw whimsical sketches and write a book.

I invite you to explore that part of Llamazing Data project – follow the related pages: