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Here are some of the articles and webinars I’ve prepared about various topics. You can find all respective links to where they are published below.


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Data Driven Decisions – BA and Product Management Z-Days

Roundtable – Data-Driven Decisions

How to transform reports into decision? Why some companies are called “data-driven” and what does it mean? Our experts will help us to answer the most urgent questions upon the topic. Feel free to join the session and ask questions, vote for the questions your are interested in, the most popular ones will be addressed to the group of experts.

ZED Conference – Data-driven product decisions with Business Intelligence

ZED Conference – Data-driven product decisions with Business Intelligence

Let’s look how even the dimmest insight can affect your business and guide you and your product into the BI-based solution implementations.


How working in IT made me a “bad” student

Working in IT has changed my perspective of how the studies should go and eventually made me a “bad” student in terms of a classical education. Here is the story of how my Senior BI Business Analyst was “showing“ throughout all the studying time.

70 years Back to the Future: Turing’s insights in the year of pandemic

The Third Way | Eruditorum Press

70 years ago the outstanding English mathematician Alan Turing introduced, in many ways, the revolutionary paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” which covered the topic of artificial intelligence. I would like to discourse how many of his insights found their way to the reality we live in today.

How I cope with stress: Me vs. 2020 in the battle for my sanity

The current year will definitely make it to the History textbooks all over the world – everybody, say Hi to pandemic and economical crisis. Belarus, my home country, suffers additionally because of the post-election military violence during peaceful protests. Situation here changes literally every hour and sometimes even staying at home is not the safest choice.

How I learnt to multitask: If Crazy = Genius

Credit: TED Ideas - TED Talks What's one of the keys to mastering multitasking?

Pandemic seems to be staying for longer, so everyone is adapting to the new way of blending their working tasks with home routine. There’re so many things to do, how can we manage to do all we want in the same old 24 hours? Read my lips, as I’m too busy to repeat: multitasking.

How I went working in self-isolation: unpopular adaptation methods


While we were listening to those stories about how people worked remotely from beaches and cozy bungalows and thinking “This is not about me”, the global pandemic burst into our lives and changed everything. Now we are literally induced to shift to the new work style, and for some of us it couldn’t be harder.