The “Llamazing Data” podcast first aired on the June 4th, 2020. Brief episodes in edutainment style are aired every fortnight and are aimed at bringing knowledge about how professionals from various fields are facing similar data-based problems.

Every second Thursday a new story is presented, and the guests of the show are sharing their stories and experience in making data-driven decisions. A traditional 1-minute-long-quiz is always there closer to the end of the episode – to challenge our speakers in their expertise. No hard feelings 🙂

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Season 2 – Internet of Things (IoT)

Episode 01 – In the Beholder’s Eyes: Data Visualization in IoT

Season 1 – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Episode 12 – Talented Mr. Machine: Data-Driven Optimizations and Machine Learning Implementation

Episode 11 – No Gibberish For This Table: Simultaneous Interpretation And AI-Based Translators

Episode 10 – Talk Ex-Machina to Me: Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI in Speech Recognition

Episode 09 – Kseniya’s Reading Room: Alan Turing – Computing Machinery and Intelligence (1950)

Episode 08 – All Of Those Things: Data Usage And AI In Product Management

Episode 07 – Once Upon A Time: AI in Storytelling and Data-Driven Reader Experience

Episode 06 – Academia Has Entered the Building: Data Science and AI-based Products

Episode 05 – Catching the Curl: Data and AI in Traditionally Manual Business

Episode 04 – We Mean Business: Data-Driven Enterprise Analytics and Consulting

Episode 03 – Fourth Estate on AI-wheels: Data Usage and Digitalization in Journalism

Episode 02 – Live, and Learn, and Automate: Data-Driven Education and Supplement Learning

Episode 01 – Cinderella’s Best Shoes: Hyper-personalization in Data-Driven Product Design