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Kseniya Kalashnikova

Hi everybody!

My name is Kseniya Kalashnikova, and I am glad to see you’d like to know more about who I am.

I am a Senior BI Business Analyst currently located in Minsk, Belarus. I have been working in IT for more than 3 years now and even though it sounds not much, it sure is an awesome journey.

I used to work in the bank, so transition to BI was smooth and logical. Right away I worked on a project for Healthcare, gaining expertise in it. Along with Finances it became my main knowledge domain.

My passion for exploring new things about data and the thrill of sharing the findings with others encouraged me to start a project of my own. The “Llamazing Data” podcast was first aired June the 4th, 2020 – and the title was inspired by my inexplicable love to llamas and alpacas.

So here we are now. The project currently is an umbrella for all the activities that I handle: articles, webinars and the podcast itself.

I am currently running a pilot to my personal educational course “Mastering Business Intelligence”, so stay tuned for updates on this one.

Meanwhile, I also write and hope to finally publish my novel “Famous. Your words” in the nearest future – COVID shifted my schedule a bit.

The website will continue to grow and develop, and through time some more awesome things will be added. Hope you’ll like them – I am indeed trying to impress you 🙂

Guess this was it for a shot intro. Let me know if you’d like know something else! Follow the Contact page and drop me a line, will ya?

Nice to meet ya! Have a great day!